Eco Carry

Reduced running resistance over rollers leads to energy conservation and reduced CO2 emissions
Conveyor belts encounter various running resistances, the greatest of which is produced by roller traction. ECO CARRY reduces this resistance, which in turn reduces running costs through energy conservation savings.
In addition to steel cord belts, we now have a new line of fabric conveyor belts !
Reducing resistance allows the belt drive motor's power requirements to decrease, resulting in energy conservation and reduced CO2 emission.
No need to modify current equipment; energy savings are realized just by changing the belt.
You can confidently use reduced resistance ECO CARRY, as the belt safety factors are increased while maintaining the same per unit area strength as conventional belts.
Use anywhere conventional belts are used, in applications such as iron ore, cement, limestone mines, power plants, etc.
Causes of running resistance
Energy loss occurs when the conveyor belt passes over the rollers. Minimizing this loss conserves energy.
Test results for overcoming rolling resistance
Let us perform an energy conservation audit for you.

Reducing resistance by 40% may not automatically mean an immediate decrease of 40% in power consumption. The amount of energy savings will depend on the individual conveyor installation, considering factors such as equipment length, incline angle and line shape - horizontal, downhill, uphill, etc. We would be happy to conduct an energy conservation simulation based on your criteria.

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